Base & a Flyer,
a term coming from the world of gymnastics and circus where one is supporting and another is performing fine balanced acts.
While the Base is providing a steady platform for the Flyer, the Flyer is able to act and perform freely above.
This is a reflection of a musical duo, where violin and double bass are made into a whole performance.



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Base & a Flyer is an experiment that started in 2018 when Alexander and I wanted to find out how a double bass and a violin would sound like bare, alone and together, without other instruments. The preassumption was that the bass would keep its role as a base and violin would fly high. But would it be possible to break these prejudices and become free in such a lineup? 


Nea-Maria Korpeainen - violin, voice

Alexander Vocking - double bass

Musically we share a mutual interest towards Argentinian tango and tango is the core of our duo's musical language still today. The latest spice to our sonic brew has been nordic folk music, especially traditional music from Finland. Together we have been diving in to the melancolic beauty and explotive joy of the northern sound and these two music style are creating a really special atmosphere. 


Alexander Vocking is a bassist, composer, arranger and teacher with great knowledge of Argentinian tango. Playing in a variety of bands he is exploring all kinds of different music styles from all over the world. Next to performing he is also teaching as part of the institution 'Leerorkest Drechtsteden', passing the music on to the younger generations. You find more about him here.

About me you find more in my bio.