Ticket to NowHere

Will you tell me your dream of last night? Maybe it is about some red herring maybe we sail on a boat. There is a cat in every corner and the stars shine brighter every night. Ticket to NowHere is a concert combilation of text, theatre and music composed and arranged yours truly and is a beautiful dive in to my nightly life.


Vene ja veneellä veneen mieli. Vene veistää vanan veteen, joka vastentahtoisesti

väistää, mutta hävittää vanan välittömästi. Vihainen vesi.


Tämä järjetön sydän

Laituri suoristuu järvenselälle ja järveä peittää koskematon lumihanki. Taivaan kansi piirtää tähdet järven ylle kuin kartaksi. Minä seison laiturilla loputtoman avaruuden ja jään valkean ikuisuuden välissä. Pohjoinen rauha ja kylmyys.  

This Foolish Heart

This foolish heart is a celebration of youth. In this story brain, muscle, and heart are compeating with each other in the world of consumerism. The music of This foolish heart is old tangos rearranged for not so common quartet of violin, bandoneon, harp and double bass. 

Charlois lowres


Perpetuum Lokomobile

Dystopic soundscape steam engine

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Perpetuum Lokomobile

The mind’s silver screen is glowing by a projection of a steam powered road roller, which follows a line of fossilized footsteps of ancient musicians all over the chaos-torn world. The sole purpose of the crew in a dangerous mission is to find something, which is original and characteristic for the nature of the human kind. Their last hope is a naive belief that they’re looking for a good thing. Something which could be used to tie the ruptured edges of the world back together. In the soundtrack joy and sorrow finds each other from a standstill moment in the middle of the mayhem.

Septeto Camaleón

Septeto Camaleón

The pearls of the golden era of tango

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Septeto Camaleón

Septeto Camaleón is a international group of young and talented musicians. The name of the ensemble, translated ‘chameleon’, originates from the choice of self-arranged repertoire in which the many different styles of the Argentinian tango are included. In their repertoire the romantic tango style of ‘’Los Astros del tango’’ meets the more modern one of Astor Piazzolla. This septet has a unique line-up where the strings and bandoneon take you to the melancholic side of the tango, whereas the double bass and the piano bring you in touch with the energetic rhythms of this Argentinian music. The listener’s heart is rejoiced by the warm sounds of Argentina that Septeto Camaleón carries to the stage.